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i like the idea but it was really difficult to find the 'terminal'.

excited for the final game, im sure that'll be fixed! :)

Thanks Luna!! I made the interface more pleasant and I removed this nasty "pixel hunting". I appreciate your enthusiasm, I try to do my best,  the first testers of the first part (14 places to explore at the moment) seem satisfied. Still 2 parts and it'll be ready :)

Beautiful but pixel hunting is never fun.

Still looking forward to the end product.

Hi Boylag! Thanks for the video! I'm sorry for the pain caused by pixel hunting :/ I'm going to improved that for the final game. And translation too, don't worry. Thanks for playing, and for the voices, it gives another dimension to the demo :) (do you still think the robot is nice?)

Thank you so much for taking those things into account.

And yes i still the the robot is nice. Hes just a little slow. ;P

Keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot, keep up the good work too!

Point and click games, I always gravitate towards them! You've got the beginnings of something potentially amazing here, the wave of retro-classic-style games has really been making me feel nostalgic lately, and that's a great thing!

I really liked the feel of this one, and the logic puzzles were demanding but not overly so. All I would say is make sure to get to work on the grammar a little bit when you dive into making the full game, because the sentences shouldn't be as much of a puzzle as the game itself (I totally understand though, having English as a second language is a challenge!).

Keep up the fantastic work, even if the Kickstarter doesn't reach its goal, because this world needs all the games it can get, especially from inspired indie devs! =)

Yes I agree this is a good game, I look forward to the full version.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Thanks, FellowPlayer! Even if the Kickstarter doesn't work, comments like yours and that of Cryptic Hybrid will give me the strenght to carry on. Even if it takes more time :) I know I have probably said it before, but keep up the good work!

Liked the demo, the visual style especially. There were some things that were hard to find (had to go pixel-hunting) but other than that... sweet. :) Good luck with the KS!

Wow, thanks a lot, I'm watching your video right now. I like the way you make the voices! I'm glad you liked this demo. Thanks for the video :)

I hope you like the video. I always strive to do okey voices, but I hope you'll reach the 46K goal. 


I did like it very much, I replied to you on Youtube. Thanks again :)